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Urban Computing Lab specialists provide services to solve production, analytical and research problems of customers. The most modern information technologies and scientific methods are available for this in our arsenal:

1. Expert Support of Your Activities.

We provide information and analytical support for your projects, taking into account the format of interaction convenient for you:

  • Personal consultations with the head or the customer’s team on the key stages of the implementation of your project.
  • Inclusion in the customer’s staff for expert and analytical control of current tasks throughout the project life cycle.
  • Organization of educational courses or seminars on the application of information technology, data analysis and intellectual support of projects in the field of urban development.

2. Comprehensive Research and Data Analysis.

A. We have the competencies and tools to address a wide range of data analytics issues. Regardless of your area of activity, we can provide:

  • Data collection, including industry analysis and search for suitable sources.
  • Processing and organization of data storage.
  • Data analytics using the necessary and sufficient (or required by the assignment of your project) technology stack.
  • Presentation of analysis results in text, tabular or graphical format, in a design-related or visually pleasing form.

B. We have significant experience in the study of cities, area infrastructure, real estate, transport, ecology, population sociology and psychology, many other aspects of urban studies and human living conditions. Therefore, we can offer solutions based on already developed methods, algorithms and software:

  • Study of transport and infrastructure provision of any area.
  • Analysis of passenger traffic and optimization of public transport route networks.
  • Automated real estate objects valuation and territory price zoning.
  • Analysis of parking capacity with the calculation of areas and places in ground parking lots, estimation the average number of vehicles.
  • Remote assessment of green areas, as well as automated monitoring of the state of other area objects based on remote sensing data (aerial photography, satellite images).
  • Modeling the movement of people and transport in the city «from door to door».

C. We can provide comprehensive information support for the implementation of your project in the following form:

  • Preparation of scientific and technical reports.
  • Series of papers or monograph with a full cycle of work from writing to publication.
  • Packaging your project into an application and submitting to scientific and innovative competitions.
  • Creating content for the website, including with the development of this website.

3. Application Software Development.

Laboratory specialists are ready to provide a full cycle of software production according to customer requirements. We can start cooperating at any stage of your project:

  • Carry out the necessary pre-design studies and develop a concept for the final product.
  • Work out your idea together with you and offer options for software implementation.
  • Prepare a technical assignment and implement a software product.
  • Join the implementation according to the finished technical specification or at intermediate stages of development.
  • Revise the existing product and make the necessary improvements.

We are open to dialogue regarding the choice of the format of cooperation. And we are ready to combine the above approaches, as well as develop new ones, focusing on your needs.

We offer to contact us by e-mail UCLab.UrbanBasis@gmail.com, in Telegram @UCLab or leave a request via the feedback form below.

Читать на русском